About GEP

GEP is born out of Gulf Conferences, with its long experience of organising exhibitons and over a dozen large conferences on leading edge issues in the UK and Gulf, including Gulf Educatonal Conferences and the World Student Scholarship Education Programme. Through these GEP has close links with and a strong following from universities and Education Ministries across the Gulf Region and Africa as well as in British universities.

GEP Vision

Global Education Partnerships enables Universities to achieve and develop their internatiolisation strategies despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 particularly the travel restricitions.

GEP Mission

Internationalisation is becoming more important for universities in all countries - but the Covid -19 restrictions have made it more difficult to deliver these. Hence, GEP is able to provide a bespoke service for universities in the UK and other countries. Primarily this is aimed at achieving long term and sustainable partnerships. Each is researched, based on the strategy and requirements of particular universities. Examples of current projects include partnerships for the development of joint postgraduate programmes, partnerships for delivering joint supervision for PhD programmes, and student recruitment.